Oatsplanter Farm has signed the Safe Seed Pledge, and is committed to not buying selling or trading genetically engineered seed.  We are part of a group of 52 farmers on the Olympic Peninsula who have pledged to keep our farmland free from contamination by genetically engineered seed.  Read more about our pledge
We organically farm three acres on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.   Each year we select the strongest plants from our crops: vigorous, flavorful, resistant to pests and resilient in the climate of the Pacific Northwest.  Once selected, these plants are not eaten, but encouraged to complete their life cycle and reproduce in an environment that supports a continued purity of the variety.   

 Our methods are organic and sustainable:
  • Maintaining soil fertility through composting...recycling organic matter back into the soil.  
  • Rotating crops to balance the soil nutrients and break cycles of disease and pests.  
  • Mulching to preserve water and reduce weeds (although we still always seem to be weeding). 
  • No herbicides, no pesticides and no plastic mulches are used here at Oatsplanter.  

Out decision to sell seed grew out of a longing for community food security and sustainability, a desire to provide organic growers with regionally developed varieties, and to offer an alternative to the large corporate control of seed companies and the greed that drives them to patent the life potential in seed.  Seed is a natural resource for the public to share.  It is not a commodity to be owned, controlled and genetically manipulated by a powerful few.

Purchase our seed at  Port Townsend Food Coop  or  Chimacum Corner Farm Stand or in Sequim at  Nash's Farm Store